Training early-career researchers to

lead and manage successful teams

navigate career challenges

balance life and science

Our Approach

We provide researchers with the training and mentoring they need to successfully launch their careers. Compass Scholars receive guidance and tools to be intentional about leading people and managing scientific work. Scholars learn from one another and experienced mentors in a supportive community. Compass is funded by the NIH and was developed by a team of researchers, workplace psychologists, and career development experts. We care about the success of early-career researchers and believe the keys to successfully running an independent lab should be accessible to all.

Interested in seeing how Compass can help you succeed?

Helping Scientists
Lead Their Labs

Compass is a remote training program for biomedical junior faculty and postdocs who want to learn essential practices to lead and manage their labs. Scholars will also explore how prioritizing their own well-being supports leadership and career success. Scholars will learn with peers, self-reflect, and explore new approaches to their work.


Create an inclusive work environment


Build effective relationships in the lab


Navigate personnel management


Supervise productive, rigorous science


Mentor lab members

Now accepting applications for fall 2024!

Key Program Features

Practical Tools and Strategies

We focus on practical and immediate application by offering tools and resources. Compass Scholars create lab management materials tailored to their own needs.

Collaborative Learning Community

With peers from across the United States, Compass Scholars discuss shared challenges and explore solutions. In a supportive community, Scholars find that they are not alone.

Insights from Experienced Mentors

Compass Scholars learn from experienced researchers who share lessons learned from navigating their careers. Mentors offer advice in a welcoming environment where Scholars feel comfortable asking questions.