What Scholars Learn

Compass Scholars learn a set of leadership and management practices essential to creating a productive, supportive, and inclusive research environment. They build the skills to implement these practices and navigate challenges that arise. Scholars reflect on their own experiences and priorities to foster the inward element of leadership – knowing oneself and one’s values.

Best Practices

Compass Scholars are prepared to implement the day-to-day practices that support discovery and innovation, excellent mentoring, inclusion, rigorous science, and responsible conduct in their labs.

Leading Others

Cultivate a positive work environment

Build trusting relationships

Foster team engagement

Resolve conflict

Managing Scientific Work

Set expectations

Give feedback and guidance

Onboard and train lab members

Establish and communicate lab procedures

Leading Yourself

Reflect and adapt

Manage your wellness

Cultivate your network

Be strategic and intentional

Skills Developed

Compass Scholars develop skills essential to communicating effectively, managing people, and navigating challenges.


Assertive Communication


Active Listening


Perspective Taking


Conflict Resolution


Giving Feedback




All biomedical faculty and postdocs in the United States who lead a lab, or plan to lead a lab, are eligible to apply.

We seek people from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and disciplines to join us in creating a supportive learning community.

Compass is funded by the NIH and is free to Scholars for the duration of the grant.